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Celebrate Friendship!

Below and for the next five Wednesdays leading up to Veterans Day, I’m re-publishing some articles originally posted on Facebook in June 2020. These are short notes of gratitude to some really great folks I had the distinct privilege to serve alongside during my time in the US Navy. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them as mush as I enjoyed writing and posting them!

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Hey folks, we get so dang wrapped up in all the “stuff” in our lives and the external thrown at us, we forget to recognize we have some really good people to appreciate. So I’d like to toss a “thank you” out there, here goes!

While stationed overseas and young in my aviation career as an airframes mechanic, we many times had to troubleshoot with other work centers. We would often be challenged to understand the systems from multiple specialties. Brandon (not his real name, but a very experienced and seasoned electrician none the less!) was always quick to express, “You better know your stuff isn’t causing the issues before you call me up there on that flight deck/flight line.” It was good natured banter, the type of thing only a fellow sailor would understand and truly appreciate!

Brandon also took the time to break out the books and walk us youngsters through his world, complete with schematics, which helped us understand our own systems to a much higher degree. He was quite helpful in translating the NAMP (our aviation maintenance programs “bible”), further reinforcing my understanding of how everything works administratively in our profession.

By the time I completed that tour, and in great part due to his mentorship, I felt like I had learned a ton more about the aircraft systems I had been working on for over seven years. I took that experience and appreciation to my next tour on instructor duty and returned the favor to electricians and airframers who joined our team with (and some without) experience in our E-2/C-2 platforms. Brandon’s willingness to spend the time with me translated into a much better technician and opened my eyes to the tremendous experience of receiving mentorship, mentoring others, and growing together for the greater good of our Hawkeye/Greyhound community.

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