Welcome to Veterans Log, where we capture lessons learned during our military transition to civilian life and our ongoing watch as military retirees. 

We retired from active duty in 2013 from the U.S. Navy after more than 21 years of service in both the Enlisted and Officer ranks.  Turning wrenches as an Aviation Structural Mechanic (AMS) from Airman Recruit to Chief Petty Officer (CPO) is where the proverbial teeth were cut.  The final ten years of service were spent in maintenance management and personnel leadership as a Limited Duty Officer (LDO) Mustang.  Both chapters were highly rewarding, personally satisfying, and filled with great admiration toward the work our fellow service members and civilian co-workers accomplished along the way.

Upon retirement from active duty there have been periods of time pursuing small business interests, as well as employment in a medium sized company in both leadership and support functions.

We’ll share what has worked well for us, and more importantly- what hasn’t!  I’m sure we will continue to learn more as our journey continues. So we’re committed to sharing anything new we come across as well!